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Bacardi Carta Blanca (Superior White Rum) 1L

Bacardi Light clear water white colour sweet subtle aromas with hints of citrus, vanilla and herb.....

Bacardi Carta Negra (Superior Black Rum) 1L

Bacardi Carta Negra 40% 1L Following the style established by Don Facundo in 1862, Bacardi Ca.....

Bacardi Limon 1L

Named after the spanish word for lemon, BACARDI Limón is a carefully crafted product that infuses.....

Bacardi Mojito 1L

A ready made Mojito cocktail from Bacardi, combining mint, sugar, lime juice and their superior r.....

Malibu Coconut 1L

Malibu Rum is a flavored rum-based liqueur made with natural coconut extract, possessing an alcoh.....
Rp800,000 Rp725,000

Myers Rum 1L

Myers's Rum is 100 per cent Jamaican Rum using only pure Jamaican molasses. .....