Cointreau Blood Orange 700ML

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Cointreau Blood Orange 30% 

When the knowhow of more than a century of la Maison Cointreau in orange distillation meets the mysterious and rare blood oranges, the elegance of la Parisienne finds a right new piquant way of expression.
Cointreau Blood Orange is the sophisticated liqueur with a piquant touch, that will enchant women for all their drinks.
It is made of the distillation of sweet and bitter orange peels and blood orange peels. This gives a totally natural product with a crystal clear appearance.

Alcohol by volume [% AbV]:


Manufacturer's information:

Cointreau, Boulevard des Bretonnieres 2, 49124 Saint Barthelemy d'Anjou, France


Purified water, ethyl alcohol from agricultural origin, sugar (sucrose), vegetable substances (sweet and bitter orange and blood orange peels).

with colourant


Drink responsibly.

Nutrition information:

Energy 1266kj / 303kcal
Carbohydrates 230g
of which Sugar 230g