Akashi Eigashima Toji’S Select Whisky – 750ML


Eigashima Toji’S Select Whisky 43% 700ml
As the distillery to obtained Japans first whisky making license in 1919, Eigashima has been brewing spirits with its long-held brewing philosophy and traditional craftsmanship. To commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of its long history, Eigashima released its flagship product Eigashima Craft Japanese Whisky, distilled with Eigashimas unique traditional technique to create a light and delicate blended whisky. The master blender, TOJI, carefully selected and blended grain and malt whiskies aged in premium bourbon and sherry basks. Eigashima Craft Japanese Whisky TOJIs Select thus combines the unique traditional craftsmanship passed down through generations and the contemporary TOJIs original blends. The taste is delicate with a light oily texture and aromas of honey and fruit that evoke the gentle breeze of the Seto Inland Sea.

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